Updates for August 2000

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Happy August :) Today I put up the transcript from the Alanis Morissette Interview with Bill Welychka/MuchMusic at Woodstock '99. Better late than never eh?


Hey :) Today I put up the lyrics to Ironic and You Oughta Know from Woodstock '99 (THAT one's done! :), and as well on Thank U Alanis Morissette, I changed some colour schemes!!! That's it! :)


Wooh sorry for the lack of updates! Today I put up a new link on the Links page, updated the BSB discography, and put up a new website of the week! :)


Hey, today I put up album cover pictures on the All Saints and Backstreet Boys sites!!!!!!!! :) I also changed the colours on this page (they were the same as last month's!). Page landmarks: Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 36000 and Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery at 72000


Today I put up a lot of news on All Saints Need The Mic, and I made a small update to Push A Little Harder's character page. Look for new pictures VERY SOON! :)


Today I put up the lyrics/transcripts from Good Morning America on Thank U Alanis Morissette, and made a small update to Push A Little Harder. Page landmark: Main page @ 9000


Woo-hoo! Major Push update today! :) I updated all the actor filmography info, I put up an article entitled "Remember Push?", and I put up one new cast pic and four new Jaime Pressly Pictures!!!!!!! :)


Wooh sorry for the lack of updates! *L* I put up a new link on that page, and this week's website of the week! Also updated the Alanis/Top Ten list section! Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 37000


Today I put a counter on the Remember Push article page, fixed the link I put up yesterday, and put up a new Quote!!!!!!! :)


Today I put up a picture of the All I Really Want single (UK) on Thank U Alanis Morissette, and I updated the Backstreet Boys and All Saints news. Page landmarks: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 73000, Jason Behr/Push Article @ 1000, and Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 5000


Okay today I updated the Push guest stars and similar info. I also put up new pictures of: Jaime Pressly (2), Laurie Fortier (1), and Scott Gurney (1). I also updated the credits, and that's it :) :) :)


Today I updated the BSB discography, put up a new website of the week, fixed a lyric or two on Thank U Alanis Morissette. Finally, and this is the big one: I put up the VH1 STORYTELLERS TRANSCRIPT! It's COMPLETE :)


Today I put up the September 2000 updates page, and as a result updated the site map and fonts page. I also changed a handful of MIDI's, and updated the Alanis news. :)


Hey :) Today I put up a LARGE number of pictures on Push A Little harder, check it out, there's a ton! :) A lot of them are thanks to Kien, visit his site too! :) :) I also put up a counter on the September 2000 updates page!


Hey hey! :) Anyhoo today I fixed a weird typo on the X-Files Fight The Future page, and I put up over twenty picture in the Jason Behr Picture Gallery on Push A Little Harder!!!!!! If I stole your picture, PLEASE let me know, because I lost track of a lot of sources. Not-so-recent page landmarks (I dunno how I missed them!): Thank U Alanis Morissette @ 6000, Alanis lyrics @ 5000, and Now Is The Time etc. lyrics @ 2000


Today I updated the BSB news, and put up the Teen Choice Award wins on the DC and Friends page! :) Recent landmarks: Maureen Flannigan Picture Gallery @ 5000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 74000, and Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 38000


YAY! :) I'm finally DONE the Push picture galleries (that is until I find more! *L*)... but for now I'm done, I put up the last THIRTY pictures of Eddie Mills today! I also put up a new Website of the Week! I'm gonna tackle some BSB lyrics if I have time, but otherwise everything's up-to-date! :)


I put up a couple new Useless Facts today! That's it! Apologies for the lack of updates...... but really there isn't much left to do! The only thing unfinished on this site is the All Saints and BSB lyrics.... For All Saints I will (shortly) put up a lyrics page, but it will not be as complex as the Alanis or BSB ones... It will feature the 'official' lyrics, i.e. words words words, chorus, words words words..... instead of including the ah's and ooh's, and which person sings what... This would take too much time, and as you can tell by the state of the BSB lyrics, I haven't got that kind of time! Page Landmark: Alanis lyrics: Now Is The Time etc @ 3000


Apologies again for lack of updates! :) Updated the BSB discography today, and put up the lyrics to It's True! :) Look forward to a new guestbook soon! :) Also put up a new quote :)


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